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Irish Organic Seaweed and Botanicals Bath Infusion

Irish Organic Seaweed and Botanicals Bath Infusion

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BATHE IN PURE NATURE: A natural bath infusion of hand harvested seaweed from the beautiful clear waters of the Kerry coastline, enhanced with restorative and aromatic organic flowers. Presented in an organic cotton bag.

WHY SEAWEED BATHING: Seaweed has been shown to help against the signs of ageing and cellulite. Re-mineralises the body, moisturises nails, hair and skin, helps remove unwanted toxins, breaks down Lactic acid and aids in the healing process of skin conditions such as Psoriasis and Eczema.

INGREDIENTS: Fucus Serratus-(Seaweed), Sambucus Nigra-{Elderflowers), Calendula Officinalis-(Calendula), Sodium Chloride-(Atlantic Sea Salt.)


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